Seminar David Zerbib

David Zerbib

Sessions on Thursdays, approximately every other week. First session on 6 October.

–––– This seminar is taught in French:

We will reflect on how the contemporary regime of images addresses the anthropological, philosophical and aesthetic challenge of "anthropo-excentrism" (see description below for a presentation of the general conceptual framework of the seminar). By this concept inspired by Helmuth Plessner's theories, we define a movement of eccentricity of the human towards itself, based on a certain relationship of the body to space, in which a scene of play and creation is opened that breaks with the model of anthropocentrism and modifies the parameters of projection of the human in its relationship to non-humans. How is the contemporary regime of images re-parametrizing this fundamental "excentricity"? How do the processes of pluralisation of perspectives, virtualisation of points of view, digital hyper-circulation and iconogenic power of artificial intelligence participate in these anthropological changes?

This year, our reflections will benefit from a collaboration with Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel's seminar in Digital Humanities at UNIGE (University of Geneva), and on her research project Visual Contagions. This project is based on the creation of a huge database, already composed of several millions of images, initially published in print media between 1890 and the beginnings of the internet. Exploring "how certain images circulated more than others - via reproduction, copy, imitations or pastiche", this project will allow us to articulate a discussion on the philosophical anthropology of images to plastic experiments using the database and aiming at creating artificial visions able to de-centre the history of our iconosphere.