Fabrice Gygi

Labzone, RDV studio/pratique, Tutorat pratique

Parallel to his artistic practice, Gygi is also an active figure in other areas of the Swiss arts scene. In 1994, he became a founding member of Forde, the contemporary art space housed by the Usine in Geneva.

Fabrice Gygi himself was at first his own source of investigation: his body, its functions, its movements. He has tattooed his drawings on his skin, produced etchings entitled La fuite des organes, sewn tents for solitary expeditions. With his tarp tents, which he considers to be the equivalent of a village town hall, he expresses more community-oriented concerns. He has developed this interest in sculpture-installations, envisioned as adaptations of functional structures. 
The smooth materials and minimalist shapes give these pieces an unusual lavish aspect. These works refer to an intimate sphere and evoke activities that verge on torture and sadomasochism. Gygi, though he radicalizes the lines and volumes of his works, remains critical of the theatre of society.