Head of Work.Master:
Clovis Maillet

Wednesdays and Thursdays

Scientific Deputy:
Laure Marville
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays

Mathilde Chenin (replacement of Carole Lauk)

Fig Docher
Wednesdays and Thursdays

Caroline Etter
Tuesdays and Wednesdays

(who to contact for what, Weekly News, Whatsapp group, HES e-mail)

The Work.Master is organised with several means of communication:

HES e-mail: All communications relating to the programme and your administration are done through your institutional Outlook address. It is absolutely necessary to check it several times a week. Private email addresses are not used.

The HES/AAI account is a personal account that allows access to the AGE student portal, the HEAD email inbox, the HES-GE intranet and to connect to the school's computers. In case of problems with the HES account: / 022 558 58 58

The Weekly News: sent every week on Thursday to your HES email address, it summarises important information for all Work.Master students. You are very welcome to send us information about your personal projects (exhibitions, etc.) which we will gladly include in the Weekly News!

Whatsapp group: for and by the students, but sometimes some urgent/last-minute information is sent through in this way.

Calendar: can be downloaded to your mobile phone, computer, etc (iOS, android, iCal), or consult it here.

For questions addressed to the office team, please always put both assistants in cc. Emails adressed exclusively to the WM gmail, or to only one staff member, risk not being seen for serveral days.