Emmanuelle Lainé

**Opening on May 26, 2022 during the Spring Festival of Contemporary Art in Marseille

The labzone is open to a group of students wishing to work on a common exhibition
exhibition based on a particular architectural context.

BUROPOLIS (Marseille) is an unfinished set of offices recently 
which has not yet been used for any function and whose demolition is 
demolition is scheduled for 2023. A provision of the building 
building, in its entirety and in its current state, has been negotiated with its owners 
by the associative collective Yes We Camp, to allow several artists and 
artists and a school of nursing to fill the short life of this aborted 
aborted architecture.
The generalization of telecommuting acted by the present health crisis 
is probably at the origin of the devaluation of the building 
The reinvention of this vacant space opens us a possible imagination on the new ways of life which will result from it.
the labzone is open to a group of students wishing to work on a common project 
project based on an exhibition in a particular context.

It will be articulated in two parts

  • An investigative visit at the beginning of the school year 
    to discover Buropolis, the Yes We Camp collective and the 
    artistic context of Marseille.

  • An exhibition of the students' work during the Printemps de l'Art Contemporain (May 27 - July 16)