Sculpture Garden

Sonia Kacem

During the past year, the group project is illustrated by the development of very practical tools to make shapes / sculptures in the context of collective work sessions. We would explore tools such as sketchup, making models, develop collective gaze / versus individual, storytelling based on eantropological methods/tools (introduced by Dalila Ghodbane architect and anthropologist) and fiction writing (introduced by Janine Armin, writer, editor, critic). For the coming year I would like to give this collective sculpture project a concrete context such as public space. The choice of making a mobile is related to the experience I had last year with the student. For most of them it was rather difficult to make them work collectively on a single sculpture, raveling a lot around their own narrative/practice (which they do already a lot during their time with studio visits and along the year). To develop a large scale mobile requires balance and they will need to step out of their comfort zone to collaborate, find ways to handle the scale, movement and balance of this object.

This to question the notion of author/authorship through a large-scale abstract collective sculpture in an external environment. To confront them with really practical questions when dealing with sculpture and public space. I got in contact with the public art department of the FMAC of Geneva to discuss opportunities/possibilities to develop a co-production with the HEAD. I will get more infos by the end of the week from their side, but so far the response was positive toward this idea. Let's see what are the possibilities but it would be a really precious and hopefully really stimulating opportunity for the student to have such a concrete opportunity to develop a collective work in the public space, that I would naturally follow closely. It will be quite a learning curve on many levels for the student, from conceptual matters on how to develop a single object as a group. Also they will get in touch with super practical/admin matters, managing a budget, feasibility of a project and dealing with different interlocutors.