Video Diary

Morag Keil

Labzone Morag Keil

For this year's Labzone we will continue the theme of video diary but the diary will be sectioned into the 4 stages of each workshop.

Starting with workshop 1 where we will look at our online lives, sharing with each other the websites, videos, and podcasts we relate to, find humorous, find inspirational. This will include an introduction to the class computer which we will all have access to and can use for remote editing.

Workshop 2 we will look at our irl landscape and go on some walks around Geneva, this will be a mix of locations suggested by you, your favourite parks, cafes, etc mixed with some urban exploring and look at the history of the city.

Workshop 3 we will go see some art in galleries.

Workshop 4 we will edit the diaries we have made over these four workshops. Through these workshops, we will also think about what it is to make a diary and have the discipline to create something other than time and construct narratives from our realities.