Marlie Mul

FASHION TIME !!! A Labzone where the art isn't made to go on to THE WALL but in and on and around YOUR BODY -------> and MORE !

LEt'S StaRT a fAShIoN bRAnd ToGeTHEr !!!

Fashion fashion fashion, what is it even ? Is it don't believe the hype or is it high-aesthetics, is it in or is it out, is it stretchy is it straight, is it ever worth the WAIT ?? The fashion system, is there a reason when everything is directly out of season? One thing we do know is that fashion can be ANYTHING and fashion can be EVERYWHERE and NO-WHERE at the same time. Fashion is ELITIST, fashion is ASPIRATIONAL, but we all know that you don’t need to be an expert to jump on the fashionista train, or actually, that we are all fashion experts ! Maybe calling what we will do in this Labzone fashion is just an incentive to be hyper-creeaative and inspired to make things, beautiful things, serious things, funny things, fast things, laborious things, crafty things, trashy things, wearable things, impossible things, things we need, things we dream, things we dont want to go onto a gallery wall but that we feel proud and beautiful to carry on our bodies ! But also things for our friends and our mums and our cat. Fashion that is furniture, fashion that is food, fashion that is superfluous, fashion that goes deep, fashion that connects us, fashion that is small, fashion that we can fold out to be a waterfall !

In this time where artists are sponsored by fashion brand friends and buddies, think Anne Imhof or Nora Turato by Balenciaga, where unaffordable fashion represents a network of insiders and outsiders, where fashion definitely is not just about keeping your body warm or protecting you from the weather, in a time where trends are so close to you and so quickly digested, the working class is hyper fetishized, can we think of what it means to set up a fashion brand – what and how does it mean to be trend-setting, do we actually really want to have followers and hype or do we want to really find the ‘underground’, is any of that even possible or necessary when all we want is to express ourselves ! What is fair trade, what material to use, what about ecological, who produces the clothes, who is behind the making, do we mass produce, or do we go craft, do we keep it real or do we go fake?

‘Fashion’ here is very much a placeholder for many things.

How do we organise ourselves, who do we want to meet, artists, commercial people, anything - what is a brander, what is a defile, how can we have fun with this and push it further and beyond the boundaries of what we imagine is fashion framework?

I very much look forward to questioning what such a structure can be and what it represents. In this Labzone I want to make a lot of things, actual tangible material things, with all techniques possible that we can invent, and think about an art that represents us and puts the focus on fun.

Planned Labzone schedule:

Thursday 28.10 : 17-20h Introduction / meeting / planning talk
Tuesday 9.11 : 10-13h + 14-17h All Day Session
Tuesday 30.11 : 14-17h
Tuesday 14.12 : 10-13h + 14-17h All Day Session
Tuesday 01.03 : 14-17h
Tuesday 15.03 : 10-13h + 14-17h All Day Session
Tuesday 12.04  : 14-17h