Caroline Etter


Caroline Etter (1983) trained at the Geneva School of Art and Design, where she completed a Bachelor's and Master's degree in contemporary art practices. Her experience of alternative community systems has led her to question the political, social and economic discourses that these lifestyles can generate.

Today, her work in duo with artist Laura Spozio (ETTERSPOZIO) is based on a transdisciplinary approach that blends anthropology, botany, ethology and literature, shedding light on our relationship with otherness as seen in a relationship/network between human/non-human where the ambiguity and porosity of discourses crystallize.

She notably won the human rights photography prize at Galerie Bärtschi, Geneva (2016). Her work has been shown at GPS, Martigny (2017), LYH, Geneva (2018), Musée de l'Élysée, Lausanne (2019) and MICR, Geneva (2021). She was also the winner of the 2018 Red Cross Award, and her short film "Schmolitz" was selected for the "Kasseler Dock fest 2018" film festival in Kassel, Germany. She recently benefited from the Résidence Principale de la Becque with her duo ETTERSPOZIO (2020-21).