Célin Jiang

Lab.Zone, RDVs

Célin Jiang is an artist-researcher who resides and works between Paris and Shanghai. She graduated from HEAR (with honors) in 2018 and continued her practice in Shanghai as part of the research program "L'école Offshore, Création et Mondialisation" at ENSAD Nancy until June 2019.

In the autumn of 2019, she furthered her research through the postgraduate program "Arts et Créations Sonores" at ENSA Bourges. In 2020, she continued her research-creation work as part of the DIU program at the ArTeC+ University Research School. At the end of 2021, she joined the research team "Image Numérique et Réalité Virtuelle" (INREV) within the Doctoral School of Aesthetics, Sciences, and Technologies of the Arts (EDESTA) at the University of Paris 8, pursuing a research-creation thesis focused on Fembots Pop Stars (Virtual Idols) in Asia and the West.

In 2020, she won the 3rd prize for radio creation at Oreilles Curieuses on Radio Campus Paris for her sound piece "Voyage en Bus." In 2022, she was awarded two artistic residencies: the Nina Daniel Carasso Foundation x Cité Internationale des Arts and the REART Residency. In 2023, she was selected as one of the Promises 2023 by Le Monde.

Her work has been exhibited at various venues including Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria), Bourse de Commerce | Pinault Collection (Paris, France), Fondation Pernod Ricard (Paris, France), Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris, France), Bétonsalon - center for art and research (Paris, France), Magasin - CNAC (Grenoble, France), Fondation Fiminco (Romainville, France), Artes Sonores Tsonami Festival (Valparaiso, Chile), Madein Gallery (Shanghai, China), Rencontres internationales Monde-s multiple-s (Bourges, France), Liebe und Zuneigung Festival - Europäischen Kulturtage (Karlsruhe, Germany), *DUUU Radio (Paris, France), Villa Arson (Nice, France), VSRL (New York, USA), Le Petit Bain (Paris, France), and more.