Emma Bigé

Think.Zone, RDVs

Emma Bigé studies, translates, writes and improvises with contemporary dances and ecoqueer & transfeminist philosophies. A writer, a curator, a translator and a dancer, she holds a PhD in philosophy and teaches epistemology in art schools and choreographic centers. She has curated and toured dance exhibitions (Gestes du Contact Improvisation, Musée de la danse, 2018; and Steve Paxton: Drafting Interior Techniques, Lisbon, Culturgest, 2019), and translated queer writers such as Sara Ahmed, Karen Barad, Jack Halberstam, Alexis Pauline Gumbs. She is the editor of two books on improvisation (La perspective de la pomme, 2021 and Drafting Interior Techniques, 2019) and the author of Mouvementements. Écopolitiques de la danse* (2023). She practices napping as spiritual activism and lives on the edge of a forest in Périgord, where, whenever she can, she rolls on the ground.