Jill Gasparina

Seminar, RDV/tutorials (theory), thesis/mémoire supervision

Jill Gasparina (born 1981) is a curator, critic, teacher, and researcher, based nearby Geneva, in France. She is an assistant professor at HEAD, in the bachelor's and master's program. She studied french literature at the École Normale Supérieure and art theory at University Paris 8 and Paris 4.

She worked as a curator at Le Confort Moderne (2015-2017, Poitiers, France), and co-directed La Salle de bains (2009-2013, Lyon, France). She works as a freelance writer since 2004, and freelance curator since 2017.

Her research topics include art massification, media archaeology, futurology, science-fiction, and the relations between culture and technological imagination.

She’s been part of the IRAD research programme « Inhabiting the extra-terrestrial space » since 2018 (HEAD-Genève / CNES-Paris).