Suzanne Husky

Lab.Zone, RDVs

Suzanne Husky is an artist and landscape designer trained in agroecology. The relationship with the land is central to her research and artistic proposals. How can homo sapiens once again become a force capable of amplifying life - as the beaver people teach us - rather than destroying it? Her works take the form of an aggraded (regenerated) soil, a forest-garden, a search for the knowledge of the earth found in fairy tales, or a tapestry on birds and pedogenesis (the processes that lead to soil formation). In 2016, with Stéphanie Sagot, she created Le Nouveau Ministère de l'Agriculture, a fictional work that puts French agricultural policies at the heart of her work. SH has taken part in the Istanbul Biennial, the Lyon Biennial, the San Francisco Triennial, Dunkirk and Serpentine. SH has been awarded the Palais de Tokyo's Choi Prize and the Drawing Now Prize. SH is represented by Galerie Alain Gutharc.