Talking Things

Bastien Gachet

This Labzone will consist of monthly sessions throughout the entire school year.

We will focus on two core principles: reading forms and iterating through them. On the one hand we will explore the potential of prototyping practices: to test in order to see. Acknowledging that we can’t anticipate what something does before it does it, we will experiment with finding systems to let the work talk back, generating arrays of technical solutions, frameworks and support systems to produce forms from ideas, even if those seem at first absurd, impossible, or out-of-character. On the other hand, we will train in reading work through a series of collective feedback sessions where the labour of generating thought and discourse will be on the viewers, rather than on the one presenting.

The aim of this Labzone is to let us abstract our confidence and identification to our own practices: locate them in our particular curiosity, our ability to doubtfully investigate, our specific sensibilities and thinking systems; rather than a singular form, style or discourse.