im/possible lab

Rosa Menkman

Standards exist everywhere and all around us. Some of the most widely used but least appreciated are the nuts and bolds that keep the architecture around you upright. Standards are responsible for making things work, and, to the contrary. In the im/possible lab we will take a deeper look into the mechanics of what is and what makes certain modes of rendering impossible.

Imagine if you could obtain an ‘impossible’ image - of any object or phenomenon that you think is important, with no limits on spatial, temporal, energy, signal/noise or cost resolutions. What would it be?

The main premise of the im/possible lab is that once an action or decision in the procedure of engineering is initiated, a render parameter is chosen. Following this decision, the parameter operates as a metaphoric cut through the space of everything that can be rendered, dividing it into ways that remain possible, and ways that, as a consequence of this decision, have become impossible. Effectively, every render setting brings forth particular modes of working, while also compromising and complicating others.

Part of Cybercultures
This Think.Zone is held in English. Course credit is given based on attendance and participation.