Student-led Labzone

The self-managed Labzone was created in 2021 on the initiative of a group of visual arts students. This approach stems from the desire to take time out, among students, without hierarchical figures, to transmit knowledge and practices in a collective manner. The format of the Labzone consists of alternating sessions of collective surveying and 'craft' sessions.

During this first edition, several activities were proposed; from sewing pockets and passing on flying techniques, to customising T-shirts with bleach, to making reusable sanitary pads, or learning to use sound software.
This Labzone is also an opportunity to invite outside contributors, artists or not, to make proposals. In 2021, the artists Fanny Lallart and Theophile Ducreux took part in a writing workshop, and the Labzone also invited Laurie Lograda from the mountains for a storytelling walk in the Jura.

This year, the idea is to return to a format of one activity per session. The previous format of one surveying session/one craft session is not necessary.
Like the other Labzones, we have a budget for production materials, as well as a budget for inviting two external speakers. The choice of activities, the format of the Labzone, the interventions, the name of the Labzone, the possibility of a restitution (exhibition or other), and the documentation of the Labzone (fanzine or other) is to be discussed with all participants.

The Work.Master team also proposes to the self-managed Labzone to organise the activity programme of the master trip that will take place on 07-09 November with all the WM1 and WM2 students (๑)

We also propose to organise one or two parties during the year to close each semester.

For the time being, we plan to meet every fortnight, but this rhythm is obviously to be confirmed or modified by all the participants.